What did you join LCN’s Board?

I joined the board at LCN because I worked for years in community-based organizations and I know firsthand the impact that adult education providers have in the communities they serve. If you want to put your time or your money toward a cause that will make a direct, lasting difference in a community, there is no better investment than a community education provider like LCN. It’s good people serving other good people, working together with limited resources to build up the community around them. For me, a place like LCN is an obvious place to donate my time and money.

Why is lifelong learning important to you?

Lifelong learning can take so many forms—a graduate program, studying a new language, taking up pottery, reading novels, a trip to the museum, trying a new recipe—but I think what unites them all is intentionally exposing yourself to new ideas. Exposure to new ideas is essential to our continued growth and development as people. If we’re not growing and developing, what are we doing!?

Who inspired you to teach?

I now work mainly as an admin in ESL programs. I miss teaching, but I am really lucky to be surrounded by talented, passionate teachers who inspire me every day. The ones who inspire me most are those who have been teaching for years, sometimes decades, but are continuing to try something different or learn a new approach.

Fun fact:

I love to bake sourdough bread and pizza! Traveling and eating are two of the things that make me happiest, so here’s a picture of me trying a Turkish chicken dish on a recent trip to Jordan!