What did you join LCN’s Board?

It was twelve years ago when I joined LCN as a way of contributing my time and skills towards a cause I valued. At the time, LCN was in need of a treasurer and a board member and had reached out to my wife who is also in Finance accounting. Unable to join at that time, she made a gentle suggestion that I assist them. Little did I anticipate the enduring bond I would form with LCN, stemming from the enjoyment I found in my association with the organization.

Why is lifelong learning important to you?

Lifelong learning is my compass in the ever-shifting currents of existence, guiding me through the labyrinth of knowledge. It fuels my curiosity, ignites my passion for growth, and fosters adaptability in the face of change.

Who inspired you to teach?

My sister has been an educator for over 30 years and she has made an impactful change in the lives of her young student’s life that has worked with. She has always said that a good education is one thing that remains with you all your life and it’s the best way to bring economic upliftment for any community. It’s this inspiration and the mission of LCN with the same goal to empower and improve our student’s future that keeps me going.

Fun fact:

Being a lifelong Costco fan, I have visited this facility in 23 states during my travels averaging at least 1 per year. I aim to visit the remaining 24 states wherever Costco has a store.