Learners’ Page

Interested in getting a tutor?

We have tutors that can help you with

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • English as a foreign language (EFL)
  • GED (high school equivalency)

We also have daytime and evening English classes from September through May.

Tutors and materials are provided to you at little or no cost. Both daytime and evening tutors are available. To get a tutor, you must be tested. Call our office at 610-292-8515 to set up a testing appointment. Once you are tested, you will be put on the list to get a tutor.
If you need help, call today!

Some of our adult learners’ recent accomplishments include:
B. became an American citizen.
C. passed her GED test and will receive her diploma.
F. passed the English proficiency test and is now able to seek employment as a pharmacist in the U.S.
T. passed both the citizenship test and the test to become a certified nursing assistant. He also voted for the first time.
D. got an “A” in his real estate course at Villanova University. He is now working for a real estate firm and continuing his education at Villanova.
J. passed his citizenship test.
J. got his GED.
A. advanced from Beginning ESL to High Advanced ESL in one year.
T. opened a string instrument repair shop in Lansdale.
L. passed her civil service exam and was hired for a civil service position.