Meet Stephanie, a hardworking woman who persisted, and with LCN’s help, earned her GED.

Her mom died when she was ten years old. She and her six siblings were raised by their grandma. They moved around a lot causing her to fall behind in school. By the time she was 16 she was two years behind in school. Embarrassed to be two years older than her classmates, she ended up dropping out of school. Soon after dropping out she learned the importance of having a GED and began her journey towards earning it.

She attended a number of adult education programs. Many of these programs shut down because of budget cuts, leaving her to move on to yet another program.

But she persevered.

 Over the next 25 years, she moved in and out of programs and took various sections of the GED test. In 2013 she moved to Pennsylvania and started the process over again.

Luckily, in 2015 she discovered LCN. Now that she had the support of a tutor, she was confident that she would be successful.

And ultimately she did succeed!

It took another four years of hard work, but in 2019 she passed the last section of the GED test.

If you could have only seen the joy on her face when she finally achieved her long-time goal!

Without the support of people like you, Stephanie would never have gotten her GED.

Stephanie is the proud mother of two boys. Both graduated from high school and one graduated from college. Like their mom, they are also hard-working. Today Stephanie works in medical billing and is encouraging others to stick with it and earn their GED.