How did you decide to join LCN?
I called the library and they directed me to LCN. I wanted to go to college and I wanted to learn for my daughter’s sake. My tutor Dave and I have been working together for over a year now.

Were there challenges you had to overcome to get started?
It was easy and it’s flexible which helps.

What about working with your tutor has helped you succeed?
Working with Dave gave me the confidence to apply for college. He also gives me personal advice and financial guidance.

What words would you use to describe what you’ve accomplished?
I’ve accomplished a lot in a year. I applied and got into college and am doing very well. I’ve been promoted at work and I’ve paid off credit cards. All while raising my 5-year old daughter.

Do you feel differently about yourself since you’ve begun working with your LCN tutor? If yes, in what way?
I’m more confident in myself and speak up more. I now want to be a nurse and know that I can do it.

Were there any unexpected benefits that came as a result of your participation in the tutoring program that surprised you?
I got help applying for college, and I now have a lot of support in school, and better finances.

What advice would you give other students who are starting to learn at LCN?
Show up, be determined to do it. Be disciplined. Ask LCN – they can give you advice and information.

How would you describe yourself? Is there a name you would prefer we use when we share your story?
My name is Ty and I have a 5-year old daughter. I work full-time at Walgreen’s and I’m taking 2 college courses at Montgomery County Community College. I’m studying to be a nurse.