How did you decide to join LCN?
I joined LCN about 5 years ago and I’ve had 3 tutors in that time. I had taken English classes with LCN and wanted to get my GED so I could get my certification in baking. I would like to open my own bakery.

Were there challenges you had to overcome to get started?
No, there were no challenges.

What about working with Dave has helped you succeed?
I’ve been working with Dave for about 1 year now. He’s an amazing person. He explains things really well and he has a lot of passion. He has a big passion for math.

What words would you use to describe what you’ve accomplished?
I feel proud of all that I’ve accomplished and for sticking with it.

What advice would you give other students who are starting to learn at LCN?
LCN is excellent and they can help you with what you want to learn.

How would you describe yourself? Is there a name you would prefer we use when we share your story?
I work for a local supermarket at the service desk. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family.