Teresa Muñoz

What do you like about working at LCN?

I like to share my knowledge to help people get better opportunities and change their lives. I think all people have the right to learn and it is never too late.

What is your favorite book?

It is really difficult to choose only one; I am a passionate reader. Each book we read gives us something different, and this learning changes depending on the moment in which you read it. So I’m going to choose “Marina” by Carlos Ruíz Zafón, it was the first adult novel I read when I was twelve. With this novel, I discovered my passion for literature and discovered one of my favorite writers.

Who inspired you to teach?

The person who inspired me to be a teacher is my grandmother, Herminia. She also inspired me to be a strong woman. She was a respected teacher in my town and she taught all children between 5 and 10 for thirty years. She taught all subjects and helped students after class at her own home who need more time to understand. When I was a child, she taught me mathematics, literature, and history every day. She transmitted her love for knowledge and the importance of learning to me. It also made me realize the importance of helping others, since many women in the town could obtain a university degree only thanks to her help.

Fun fact:

I love to dance. Flamenco is what I like most, although the truth is that I enjoy dancing to any music and I like to learn new dances.