What We Do

Improving Lives Through Literacy

Literacy Council of Norristown has helped over 500 adult learners so far this year, growing our programs by 50%!

Our Impact

Literacy Council of Norristown celebrates 40 years of creating healthier families and building stronger communities!


learners supported so far in 2022-23


  • Updated reading room
  • GED in Spanish classes
  • Citizenship & math classes
  • Book clubs


of learners increase an Education Functional Level after 1 year.

Adding value to families and our community

Better math skills increase earnings by $21,000 per year. Improvement in reading and writing skills can add $11,000 more in annual income. Earning a GED adds $9,000 annually.

100 tutors

Volunteers and teachers have provided over 15,000 hours of instruction so far this year.

Changing Lives

“Ellen has helped me understand that I can learn. She helps the knowledge I have come out.” -DJM


New tutor trainings and growing partnerships have expanded LCN’s capacity to serve others.

LCN’s Reach

We have given out over 15,000 books and learning materials in Norristown this year