What We Do

Improving Lives Through Literacy

literacy Counsel Graduation 2024

Our Impact

Literacy Council of Norristown celebrates 40 years of creating healthier families and building stronger communities!


Adult Learners studied with LCN in 2023-2024

1,000+ children

receive a free book mailed to their home monthly through LCN’s Norristown and Pottstown Imagination Libraries



We celebrated 25 GED graduates in the past 2 years.


of learners increase an Education Functional Level after 1 year.

Adding value to families and our community

Better math skills increase earnings by $21,000 per year. Improvement in reading and writing skills can add $11,000 more in annual income. Earning a GED adds $9,000 annually.

100 tutors

Volunteers and teachers have provided over 17,000 free hours of instruction in the past year

Changing Lives

“Ellen has helped me understand that I can learn. She helps the knowledge I have come out.” -DJM


New tutor trainings and growing partnerships have expanded LCN’s capacity to serve others.

LCN’s Reach

We have given out over 18,000 books and learning materials in Norristown this year